welcome to my site!

hi! im rin!

this site is a work in progress! i've procrastinated getting a neocities for a long time and im finally executing it

i have a pretty poor memory, so i thought this would be a nice place to showcase some personal details (like games ive played and characters that make me happy) as well as a collection of various ephemera (arts + crafts ive made, hobbies id like to do, and lil things like blinkies)

i have almost NO experience coding (practically none) so my site isnt very advanced, but im having fun figuring out new tools! i hope to learn a bit more about html in this process :)

about me!

im rin, a 21 year old college student studying biology! im interested in all types of organismal biology, including ichthyology, entomology, ornithology, herpetology, mammalian studies, animal behavior, and more! i have about a billion academic interests and im always ready to hear an infodump!! i use they/he pronouns and my queer identity is very meaningful to me. in terms of aesthetics, i like cottagecore, old internet graphics (especially eyestrain ones), and dark/light academia. i plan to eventually have an academically-styled neocities site to put my biological finds and research onto!